Friday, 27 August 2004

Moving On

We had to move on cos the site was booked up. Surely there would be no problem finding a new site! On Bank Holiday Weekend! 
Having phoned about 15 sites, all full, "the field" was looking more attractive… we pulled up. 

Yup, main road, Shell Garage and apparently travelling community in the corner….

After a few seconds, even home seemed like a better prospect. We decided to about turn and drive homeward via the town. If we didn't see anywhere with vacancies, we would just keep driving.

 Luckily, we did manage to find a site. 

The Pontins of the camping world. Children and more children everywhere, and tents right on top of each other. Even with all the competition, our dogs were still the loudest. Is that something to be proud of? 

Still, this was Riverside, and we were determined to enjoy it. Actually, it was more Trainside than Riverside, with the half past the hour running about 7 metres from our tent, starting at 06:30H.

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