Saturday, 8 October 2005

Sheep in a Bog

Hands up who has ever waded into a stinking bog up to their knees to drag out a sheep by the scruff of its neck. That's another experience for TJam to add to the list.

A gang of 4 sheep had made a break from their field into the woods where we walk. By the time the Beanz and I had given chase, TJam had realised what was going on and said a quick prayer to the patron saint of keeping dogs safe from farmers with guns, one of the sheep had broken away and taken refuge in the bog. Probably not on purpose.

Once caught, the Beanz and I stood watching from the side (tied to a tree) while TJam waded into the thick black sludge up to her knees, grabbed the sheep by the scruff of the neck and dragged it to the edge. Once it had found its footing, the sheep left the scene dirty but  apparently unscathed and headed off in the direction of its friends.

TJam's trip to the café was a little smellier than usual and we all had to sit very much outside.

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