Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Lucid Dreaming

Here are some cool branches that TJam couldn't resist getting a picture of. Age makes you start getting all appreciative of that stuff.

And here is an unusual picture of Carlsberg.

Bamgee is back from Cambodia!

On a completely unrelated topic. TJam has always remembered her dreams, and often done reality tests which showed she was awake, when actually she was asleep. Pinching herself and then thinking "oh, it must be real then". Anyway a few nights ago, TJam was having a nightmare, and as she was being carried into the medieval torture chamber (don't ask) she suddenly thought to herself, "wait, this is a dream. I can wake up" and the dream melted away and she dreamt she woke up.

Only then she thought she was awake but actually it was just another dream…. Anyway, last night she suddenly realised she was dreaming. So she thought to herself, "great, that means I can fly if I want to" so she just jumped off the ground and she was soaring through the air. Of course, then she was so excited she forgot it was a dream so in her mind she genuinely was flying around like a delirious nutter.

TJam has wanted to do lucid dreaming forever, and then 2 in a month. Apparently you have to practise. You have to reality check. I wonder if it is because she has started meditating and kind of reality checking regularly throughout the day, and that now he is doing it in her sleep as well. It is all bizarre but kind of interesting and TJam is doing a characteristically obsessive web search on the joys of lucid dreaming.

Incidentally, "nutter" is not in the microsoft spellcheck. What are they thinking?

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