Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Visitors and windscreens

JM has been staying with us. This picture was taken when it was still funny that JM had dropped the arm of the windscreen wiper onto the windscreen and chipped it. TJam was reassured that it was "absolutely nothing. Nothing at all" and JM was admiring his handiwork at having replaced the windscreen wipers without looking at the instructions.

This picture was taken before said windscreen wiper came half off on the M60 at night in the rain.

This picture was taken before TJam discovered a crack on the windscreen. Before JM said that it certainly and categorically wasn't there the night before, and that "something bizarre" must have happened.

This picture was taken when TJam was still smiling about it. It was certainly a lot funnier before she had to fork out seventy five quid to replace the whole windscreen, which, incidentally, now is part of the structure of a vehicle.

And apparently, it remains a mystery how the screen got cracked. To me, it seems a lot easier to solve than the peanuts and raisins incident but no one is admitting responsibility.

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Anonymous said...

Beans did it! M.