Thursday, 1 February 2007

"To Do" List - by Chips

Sit in window when TJam goes to work. Check.
Surf kitchen counters. Check.
Visit stairgate to see if it might have become undone. Check.
Nose stairgate to double check the latch is secure. Check
Dance with glee when stairgate opens. Check.
Eat cat's dry food. Check
Lick cat's wet food bowl. Check
Go to bathroom bin, empty and chew up all old empty sachets of catfood. Check.
Strew rubbish over bathroom, landing, stairs and bedroom. Check.
look at my handiworkRun all over the lovely double bed. Have little look out of window to make sure no one is heading home. Say hello to Carlsberg. Check.
Find all the treats father Christmas gave us and that TJam had stored upstairs so they would last. Check.
Eat 2 packets of Turkey and Cranberry bones, one raw hide boot, 3 lolly shaped chews and a packet of cat treats. Share with Beanz (but not too much). Check.
Come downstairs, go to sleep and look hungry when TJam comes home for lunch. Check.
Have lunch. check.
Wag tail innocently when TJam goes upstairs.
Look fat for the rest of the day. Check.


Anonymous said...

try not to be sick. check?

Chips said...

double check. to be sick is a waste. Beanz might get it.

Anonymous said...

aaaw, share and share alike.I bet she'd share with you.