Monday, 16 June 2008

Going cheap

This weekend we have mostly been doing this in the glorious sun:
In other news, we have been a bit lax posting recently. Firstly TJam's parents came to stay and then TJam hurt her eye for a bit (it is fine, she was just milking it) and then she just got lazy with the uploading photos thing. We've nipped her into action now though.

Anyway, at a school the other day, TJam was walking down this walkway, and someone said, "Look up!" And when she looked closely, TJam saw these two chicks who had been born in the hanging basket. We could not say it is a quiet part of the school, but the chicks did very well and have since, quite literally, flown the nest.

Ain't nature great?!


Mack said...

Awwwwww. Those chicks look delicious!

Chips said...

Paws off!

Don't think about pink elephants, don't think about pink elephants, don't think about pink elephants!

MMMmmm chicks...