Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Catching Up

It has been such a busy Easter, we have not had time to blog. Imagine! Life getting in the way of blogging! The CHEEK!

Firstly, we went of a walk with Echo. He is pushing 40kg now but in this picture he was in the low 30s). That is about 4 stone for those on imperial and 56lb for our American friends :)

Then we went down to stay with TJam's parents, Brazil and - hmmm, need to think of a spy name for Boy Wonder. ah, that can be his spy name.

It had been raining so much round there that our usual path was a stream. I loved it but the Boy Wonder had to go through the brambles to stay dry.

Next we met up with TJam's old friend who we will call Astra. She brought her dog, Dylan, and we had a grand old time, walking in the woods. The humans chatted and chatted, catching up on 20 years, so us dogs could just get on with being dogs. Bliss.

Then we met up with Piglet and Puppy (who you may remember from last year when we went looking for Winnie the Poo). They have grown up a lot and are a lot of fun to play with. They are pretty good tree climbers too.

When all that walking and socialising was done, and a bit more walking and some other socialising, and the humans had eaten a Chinese takeaway and we had had some of the leftovers (yum yum yum), Fliptop washed our van for us, and we came home. Thank you Fliptop!

What a couple of weeks we have had!


Drab said...

Busy busy busy, we're exhausted reading about it!

Nancy & Sam

Marvin said...

My Jeannie says she likes the look of Boy Wonder.........

I digress, as usual, you had such a lovely trip, and such wonderful photos.

20 Ears though, that is a lot of ears to chew.

Marv xxxxxxxx