Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ice Cream? In THIS weather?

A few days ago, we met TJam's oldest friend, Towny Farm, TF's beautiful children, Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate and lil Blue Algae Boy (that's their spy names, not their actual names of course).

We went a nature reserve, and it was pretty nice when we all set off.

As there were 3 children and 2 dogs, we seriously needed some doggy maths. That does not make a whole number, so we needed the 5 minute timer to make sure everyone got a turn at holding me (and they had to put up with Beanz too haha).

Of course, we had a downpour. It is the British summer after all.

Once we had gone all the way round the lake, it was time for light refreshment. TJam suggested ice cream and Ice Cream agreed. Towny Farm and Hot Chocolate looked horrified, did a double-take and gasped, "In THIS weather?!"

After the ice cream the humans needed a hot chocolate to warm up!

Meanwhile, I posed on the decking with Blue Algae. He was very good at walking me.

Beanz sat and looked out over the lake. I think she was secretly dreaming of chasing those ducks, but dogs have to stay on the lead in a nature reserve...

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