Sunday, 17 October 2010

Beach Trip

We have had to battle TJam to get access to the computer so we are going to try and catch up slowly with all our thrilling adventures. (I can get away with saying that because of poetic license).

Our first adventure was going to the beach. Beanz got the feel of sand under her toes and thought she had turned into a greyhound or something. She ran rings round Bamgee. She was like the wind!

Next, the humans tried to get all artistic and represent themselves in sand art.
I enhanced TJam's picture by scratching her eye out.
Nice touch.

Bet you couldn't even tell which was the sand art and which was the real picture.

At the end of the day, I posed for the camera and TJam went on that big roller coaster in the background. She loved it although she might have a mild case of whiplash. She says it was worth it.

Finally, we had a bag of chips (with a small c, we did not eat me) and drove through the illuminations. TJam and Bamgee did not take photos- they were too busy listening to their Christmas CD and going "ooooooooooooo" at the lights. Beanz and I snored our way through it. It was very boring for dogs.


Mack said...

Ouch!!! TJam has an eye booboo!
That beach looks like so much fun. I see the ladies have their winter wear on. My mom is so jellyish of your weather!

Chips said...

hahaha eye booboo!
The beach was great. That is really autumn wear, it was not too too cold. Probly would be winter weather in Texas tho!