Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Autumn* is here...

... and with it, misty mornings...

...for us to play Hounds of the Baskervilles to our hearts' content :)

We have eerie effect with rising suns, mist and water

and you can always find a good stick to chew
(although the health and safety brigade don't like this, but they will have to catch me first!)

* That's Fall to our American friends :) and anyway, it is more like winter now


Mack said...

I bet it is really chilly where you live Beanz. Right now we are enjoying cool nights and perfect days. But it doesn't last long at all!
Beautiful pics, BTW!

Jeannie (oh and Marvin) said...

wow, I am loving the sun effect on your photos. Do you have a new camera? These are so lovely!!

Jeannie xx

Anonymous said...

actually have forgotten what grass and green loveliness is all about these past few weeks, it was nice to be reminded by your lovely photos.

Jeannie xx