Monday, 1 August 2011

Little John - Welcome to Blogging!

Today we met Little John and Robin Hood battling it out on this bridge.

I am not sure who was winning, but they stopped duelling long enough to chat and they ended up talking about blogging. Little John hadn't heard of a blog and so TJam was saying how cool it is, and how it is like a journal but you can put photos and links and things in and that other people can leave a comment. And that you can find other people who like the same things as you. (Between you and me, TJam went on and on a bit, but only because she was excited and she wanted Little John to like blogging too...)

So, she suggested Little John have a look at this blog and see if it gives him any ideas!
Hope you did find us! I think you could write a cool blog.

When she got home, TJam went out on slug patrol. When she lifted up this seedling holder, look what she found.

I don't know who jumped higher, TJam or the toad. Actually, I do know who jumped higher. TJam. The toad was actually very laid back.

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