Friday, 20 January 2012


After I had my blood test, the vet said I would need a scan of my liver because I had some slightly raised enzymes. TJam sneakily took me to a different surgery (where the scanner lives) so I didn't realise where I was until she walked away and left me. But worse still, I DID NOT GET ANY BREAKFAST! Can you imagine?

TJam took the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Beanz. They went to this enormous mountain...

Oh, wait, it was just a big rock.
Apparently, Beanz found herself a boyfriend and invited him to play. This is the first dog she has invited to play in 10 years. It would seem I cramp her style.

Meanwhile, I had my scan, which was pretty much fine, and I got some liver supplements. It is not yet clear whether these are "neurotic owner" supplements or whether they will bring my enzymes down, but I don't mind them, so it doesn't matter.

Here I am showing off my newly shaved belly. Brrrr. Couldn't you have taken me in the summer, TJam?

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