Friday, 9 March 2012

Farewell Nanny Knitting. Hello Bin Raiding.

Well it's been a busy old time round here, which hasn't included any time for blogging.

We were confused to go to Nanny Knitting's house, but she was not there.
TJam is posting this photo of a symbolic figurine from Nanny Knitting's home, in remembrance of her. Beanz and I will remember Nanny Knitting for offering us a biscuit from the human biscuit tin :(

Back at the ranch, we have been having some interesting walks. Beanz went after some deer yesterday, but they left her standing. She is more of a game player than a killer, so she just came back and asked for a biscuit (can you see a theme?)

You will see, as well, that my fur is growing back nicely. The double good news is that my blood is normal again now. My liver is doing its job properly once again and I have been signed off from the Partner vet and back on to the normal vet. Who is lovely (just in case she ever stumbles across this blog).

We haven't always exactly been on golden behaviour. Well, what does TJam expect if she forgets to take the bin out and then goes to work. What delightful results you can get from one breadbag full of rubbish :)


ForPetsSake said...

My goodness! I didn't know there were health problems! So sorry to have missed that but glad to hear everything is getting back to normal. We send many slobbery kisses (from Arwen, Nyxie and Fenway of course) and many hugs from us!

Chips said...

Hello to you! It was just a "too much drinking and weeing" thing, but seems to have passed, thank goodness.

Hope you are all well - love following your adventurers although not spending *quite* as much time on the computer these days! life getting in the way lol

take care

- all of us