Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Adventures

Happy New Year to everyone.

I have had a rubbish new Year. It started with me feeling very poorly out of hours. I like to pick the most expensive time of day.

I went to the emergency clinic but their medicine didn't quite do the trick and I ended up spending New Year's Eve in one of their luxury kennels for poorly dogs on drips.

When I came home I didn't even want my tea, so Carlsberg stepped up to the plate to help me out.

Today I feel much more chirpy and am enjoying my 5 small meals a day. Next dinner at 8pm. TJam says I've not to get too used to it.

Nurse Chips is doing a great job at sitting on me.

Hope everyone else's New Year has been cheerier and that you haven't had thermometers anywhere about your person.


Anonymous said...

poor, poor Beanz. Things can only get better.....can't they? DG

Unknown said...

It was lovely meeting you last weekend with Julie. I've read through the blog and loved it. Really made me laugh :D

Beanz said...

Thank you! We loved meeting you too Karlie.

DG you are so right!