Friday, 21 March 2014

Little Help

I haven't really felt like going on much of a walk recently. The vet thought it might be my kidneys making me feel rough so I've only really been walking near the house.

TJam thought a little trip to the park might motivate me and we went in the van. Don't tell Greenpeace.

It totally did the trick. I had a lovely little jaunt. 
When I got back I was too tired to jump up on my bed.

I was prepared to sleep on the floor but TJam put the step up for me so I could rest in luxury.


Drab said...

As long as you had a nice time, old age creeps up on us all, Nancy says she'd look ok for her age if I didn't keep filling the house with puppies.

Chips said...

But puppies are so much fun. Worth the contrast. Appearance is nothing, heart is everything!