Sunday, 14 January 2007


We have got a new dog gang friend. Benny. He is pretty cool and I did not bark at him. He has moved in to Ron and Ann's and is rearranging their lives for them, as is a rescue dog's duty.

This week, I reminded TJam of this by chewing chunks off the settee cushion. It is nowhere near as impressive as the last time so TJam didn't bother taking a picture. You can imagine 10 bite shaped chunks of light green foam lying on the floor. You can also imagine that TJam's boss called round and witnessed the scene. We are not good business accessories.

By Chips

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me famous. I'm still settling in and being a very good boy. Ann says I'm boring but I've pulled on the lead really hard and stretched Ron's arms so much that he can now fasten his shoe laces without bending down. See you Saturday.
Love Benny