Saturday, 27 January 2007

From Mr Jingles

Mr Jingles, my faithful teddy bear, was saddened to read that Merrythought Toys have gone into liquidation. He felt moved to write to the Director of the company, Mr Oliver Holmes.

Dear Mr Oliver Holmes

My name is Mr Jingles. You probably don’t remember me. Merrythought made me in 1971 and I went to live with my owner and best friend, TJam. Here is a picture of us together in that first year.

I am now 36 years old and have been with TJam ever since.

I have been a loyal and reliable friend to her. A bear to laugh with, a bear to cry on. A bear to cuddle. A bear to dress up and feed pretend cups of tea to. I have been to teddy bears’ picnics and midnight feasts. I have sat patiently through mumps, measles and chicken pox. I have witnessed (minimal) revision, sleepovers and late night drinking sessions. I have been camping and I have guarded the bed when TJam went travelling and I was too precious (and big) to make the journey with her. I have sat on top of the wardrobe for my own protection when TJam got a puppy. I have shared the top of the wardrobe with the cat. I am told I have a wonderful smell that always makes TJam feel happy.

TJam has been very careful with me. My only mishap was losing the label on my foot, and I have a few thinning patches around my seams and muzzle from plentiful hugs and kisses.

TJam and I were very upset to read that your company had to go into liquidation. We both think you have offered a wonderful service and it is so sad that others won’t be able to experience what we have.

Mr Oliver Holmes, thank you for making me. I am having a wonderful life. I am looking good for 36 don’t you think?

We are really sorry about your company but please know that what you have provided us with is priceless.

With thanks, very best wishes and much respect

Mr Jingles
(and TJam)


Anonymous said...

As Mr.Jingles' features were individually sown, I wonder if the creator would recognise him from a close up picture. Just a thought. M.

Anonymous said...

correction...sewn. M