Thursday 8 November 2007

Stair Gate = Closed

-by Chips

While TJam was working on the computer, I just boldly went up the stairs. Yup, just like that! I know I'm not supposed to but the cat food was calling me, and I just had to answer.

It reminded us of the Mars episode, which was 2 years ago and you can watch again here:

Perhaps it is autumn that makes me so hungry.

Anyway, the stair gate is now CLOSED.



(PS TJam is aware of the danger of dogs eating chocolate and you should not try eating Mars Bars if you are a dog. I got away with it this time but DOGS SHOULD NOT EAT CHOCOLATE. If you need the proof, remember this)


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Oh we enjoyed your video! Very funny!

And thank you for the info about chocolate, although I knew it was poisonious (cant spell that word!) I had not realised how little chocolate it took to make a dog so sick and ill.

When I first had Marvin I used to give him a choccie digestive, but that was a long time ago, never since that time and never again!

Although when I say I used to "give" him a choccie digestive, he actually stole it from my hand while I was waving it about instead of scoffing it myself!

Thank you for making me smile with the vid!

Hard day today, needed something to grin at!

love and much light, Jeannie and Marvin xxxxx

Chips said...

Yes, chocolate is delicious but deadly. It didn't put me off though. In fact I like it all the more.

Sorry you had a hard day. Hope Marvin is cheering you.

I had some nice chestnuts earlier but I think I got away with it.