Monday, 24 March 2008

Columbo Marathon

- by Carlsberg

Today the dogs and human went to the local reservoir. TJ even managed to get a half decent picture of Beanz not looking dopey.
The dogs had a lovely time playing and running and splashing and being doggie. Not my kind of thing so I stayed home and made sure the central heating stayed on.

I have missed everyone though, so I took every opportunity to sit on TJ's knees. I stepped on Chips once but she snapped teeth which I think means she doesn't like me to sit on her.

Today was Columbo marathon. A whole day of Columbos. Does it get any better? Sitting on your human (with body warmer) surrounded by dogs, fire on and Columbo as far as the eye can see. Heaven.


Anonymous said...

dear carlsberg, I'm just writing to say how beautiful you look and do you have any beauty tips as to how you keep your sumptious facial hair so white and glossy. I know we are both now housecats so is there a bird and mouse supplement that you take? My back fur tends to go spiky to if there is a product you could recommend....
Also, what eyeliner do you use? It's very effective. love dizzy.

Carlsberg said...

Dear Dizzy
Thank you for your lovely compliments. For white fur I recommend getting your humans to stroke you a lot, and then lick yourself afternwards to clean off their scent. Regarding suppliments, I like stealing dog treats and I think mushroom pate or humous on a crumpet works wonders as well. Also, I think a cat tree has been beneficial. What are the chances of your humans buying you one?
My eyeliner is "I could kill you just by looking at you - number 5". I'm glad you like it :)

Purrs and gentle ear boxing to you

love Carlsberg

Anonymous said...

Dear Carlsberg,regarding the cat tree - absolutely zilch but the other tips were handy although probably as likely as the cat tree. My only chance is the odd dog treat although I'm not really brave enough. Maybe when your friends go home there may be the odd snack but as a rule I keep well out of their way. I think I'll
just adapt the hair style to that of vintage punk rocker! love dizzy.