Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Delivery for Beanz

- by Beanz

No, it wasn't another cat tree (besides which we haven't got any space for any more cat trees).

When TJam went to Crufts, she was looking for a collar for me. I am a longish, biggish dog but with a thinnish neck (not scraggy or puny you understand, just slender). So if I get a collar that is wide enough to not strangulate me if I should forget myself and pull forward, it is a good 6 inches too baggy and prone to falling off if I drop my head down.

So at Crufts, TJam was discussing this with the snugglepets people and they have made me a collar nice and wide for substantial dogs, but they have made it short like for small dogs and now I have A COLLAR THAT FITS. Here I am admiring it. They made it specially and posted it out to me today. I will take it for its virgin run tomorrow morning. Yay!

In other, not such good news, the wellies that TJam got at Crufts have already cracked big holes in themselves. We will have to propose TJam to run a wellie testing project and all the companies can give her free samples. These were the worst ever, breaking after only 10 days. A record.


Mack said...

I have pretty much the exact opposite problem! My neck is sort of..ahem... substantial... and sometimes my collar can get caught up in the rolls on my neck!

Pee S: Wellies?

Beanz said...

Mack, you are too funny. Your collars sit very nicely on you. I've seen the photos:)

Wellies are wellington boots, like, you know, rubber boots for dog walking and gardening and the like. We should have made you guess before we told you the answer lol.

Mack said...

Ok thanks! I was thinking they might be boots!

Hammer said...

Hi Beanz
That's an impressive new collar TJam bought especially for you. Hope the test run goes well, not like the wellies.
Hope you and your pawrents have a safe and happy Easter.
Love from Hammer