Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Quiet weekend

- by Beanz

This weekend we went to the park with Bamgee. I found a lovely blue plastic bottle for a game.
We ignored the extreme frisbee players in the background and I managed to stay away from the picnickers. Bamgee plays a mean game of blue plastic bottle tug.


Drab said...

I don't know what their fasination is with bottles Beanz, Sam likes them and odds on they'll come and take it off him, throw it to the other side of the garden and then race him to it, Sam just rolls his eyes at me, "whatever amuses them, they never learn i've got 4legs they've only got 2, i'll always win"


Mack said...

It's been so long since we've been to the park I can hardly remember what ours looks like!

Beanz said...

Nancy. 4 Legs for speed, 2 for endurance. Speed is on our side. If they come for the bottle, RUN. me, I like a game of tug. Love that crackle crackle sound.

Mack: you got to speak to your humans about this. The doctor orders 2 trips to the park per day. At least. They don't want you to lose your lovely social skills do they? Let me know if you need me to write to your humans. I can pretend to be a vet if you like.