Monday, 14 July 2008

Respect - Trainers - Earth

Dear Carlsberg

Whilst searching for the source of a cat-wee smell (which turned out to be my trainers) I found some feline cat paw shaped marks in Steven Patrick's earth and some distinct "covering up of wee" mounds. As you know, Steven Patrick is a 19 year old Cheese Plant and winner of Zoe Ball's Breakfast Show Honours List "Listener of the Year" award 1999. I think that using his pot as a litter tray is a bit disrespectful, even if it doesn't smell.

Please could you use the £4.49/10 litre ethically sourced wood pellets in your tray, or better still... GO OUTSIDE. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE CATFLAP AND CATPROOF GARDEN IS FOR?!!? I used up a Christmas and birthday present for the catproofing, so I don't think a bit of appreciation is too much to ask for. Do you?

Love from TJam.

PS I am sorry I blamed you for the trainers. I didn't know trainers could smell like cat wee.


You haven't.

Have you?


Drab said...

Your one cool cat Carlsberg, she should be lucky is was only a wee!

Nancy & Sam

Chips said...

Agreed. I would have left more than a wee, if my aim was good enough...