Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Camera Lies

- by Beanz

Humans avert your eyes. The camera lies. I did not roll in fox poo. I do not need a bath. I repeat I do not... what's that sponge? What's that bucket? It's an optical illusion I tell you!
Smell how clean I am!


Drab said...

I can see nothing wrong with a good roll in that lovely fur conditioner, I myself sported that look on Saturday evening and had to endure the whole bathing thing because mum said you could stink me all through the house. On Sunday i entered the adorable eyes section in the local rescues gala dog show, i won 3rd, so i guess i'll let them off this time but at least my fur was shiny due to the foxy conditioner!

Nancyana (it still doesn't sound right does it)

Beanz said...

oh well done Nancy - a prize is fab! you need to send me your photo so i can see your eyes. Plus you can now officially recommend fox poo conditioner.

Would you like me to start thinking of a spy name for you ? does it have to be exotic, like Liliana?

Drab said...

Ooo yes please,anythings better than Nancy Pants and one for the big lad too, something like 'thick as a brick' will do, e.g. cat on shed, Sam on floor, yeah like Molly's bothered how much barking and leaping he does, he's not bionic is he, she's cool is Molly we use to share breakfast out of the same dish before the Sam-an-ator arrived, still us rescues have got to stick together even though he chews my monkey!

Nancy x

Mack said...

I can smell you from here. And it smells gooooood!