Sunday, 10 August 2008

Punishment or consequence?

- by Chips

TJam is always trying to get her head round the difference between consequence and punishment.

Consequence is what happens because I do something naughty.

Punishment is when something bad happens because I did something naughty.

Anyway, today I forgot myself and barked at another dog in the street. I was eyeballing the dog for maximum pleasure and watched it as it walked behind me.

TJam did NOT tell me there was a lamppost coming up.

I leave the rest to your imagination. Dignity was not involved.


I was stunned. I forgot about the dog. I carried on walking.

TJam chuckled in a You've Been Framed kind of way and said, "Serves you right!" in a not very nice kind of way.

So the next time I saw a dog, know what I did? I barked right at it. I resolve only to respond to positive reinforcement from now on.


Mack said...

I hope you did not hurt yourself!
Are you feeling better???

Drab said...

Well remember the wheelie bin incident and my dads head, well repeat performance with a rabbit hutch one of those with the lift up lid, mum was so concerned she actually went inside to laugh her head off so as not to hurt his feelings any more than his head hurt.
hope that makes you feel better knowing it happens to them too - well my dad anyway!
Hows my spy name coming on.

Nancy x