Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Delayed Gratification (or not)

- by Chips

If, while your owner is out, you break open the special (and delicious) "won't break up in your pocket" treats that have been saved for rewards for your Pets as Therapy visit, then you won't have any nice treats for doing Pets As Therapy.

You have been warned.

Do not ask me how I know this. It will only upset me.


Drab said...

That's an admission of guilt if ever i read one!
(but was it worth it!)

Nancy & Sam
P.S. my claws need clipping, typing is hard,that's why i had to delete the other post,

Anonymous said...

but, dear Chips, will you remember this when you have no treats after you've been such a good girl at Pets As Therapy? Will it stop you doing it again should you get the chance? Did you think how upset your owner might get? Were they good!!!!!!

Mack said...


Chips said...

I choose not to remember what does not suit me!

Be careful Nancy, don't let your toes get clipped with your nails, like poor beanz.

Mack, it sounds like you might have done something similar ;)

Chips said...

oops, I've just seen that my nails need clipping too, with that type in the TITLE of all places!