Sunday, 7 September 2008

Water Water Everywhere

- by Beanz

I am told we are lucky that we are not on a flood warning, like lots of other people.

I like water (as long as it doesn't come above my elbows) so I was excited that on our walk today, this was our path... And this was the football pitch...
...and the tennis courts...
...and I had a little paddle in the basketball court...

Then, we went to one of my favourite fields and I had a little paddle there too.
The humans say we have had a month's rainfall in a day or something.
We are lucky that round here it is still fun.
I will enjoy it while I can.
TJam is sick of it. She hasn't got any dry clothes.
But we do have a dry house.
PS TJam saw an enormous deer today, but by the time I scented it, she had put me on the lead.


Mack said...

I've heard it's been raining cats and cats over your way.

It's still hotter than blue blazes over here.

Drab said...

Mum's wellies lost the will to live and now she needs new ones, the guinea pigs are rattling the hutch doors to get out, the garden is like a giant sponge, and i'm sick of the dog gate being shut just because i like to rub myself dry along the front of the setee, then Nancy has a go, then i have another, then she does, and so on and so on.....

Chips said...

Mack: I wish it would rain a few more cats and a few less dogs!

Sam: we should compare notes on wellies. Ah the old "wall of death" manaevre.... I feel a video coming on. I get in trouble for it too but it feels so GOOOOOOOOD!