Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Not So Bad

- by Carlsberg

In defence of Chips and her run of Very Naughty Doings (a couple of which could not be mentioned on a family blog) I would like to say that she is very good at sharing a bed. In the last couple of weeks, Chips has proved that 100g of dark chocolate is not so much of a problem for a 12.5kg as websites and vets would have you believe, even when chased with 8 soya based sausages, and that if you eat enough windfall apples you will wee more than usual.
Experiment complete.


Drab said...

Well chips, i got into trouble for stealing and eating the pumpkin lid off the lantern, half a cucumber, tomatoes and a dish of guinea pig food, was sick 3 times but managed with speed to make it out of the kitchen and safety of the cushion floor into the lounge and did it on the carpet, different spots you understand.

Sam x

Chips said...

Nice job. I admire your style!
Pumpkin lid - I hadn't thought of that. I'll remember it for next year :)

Don't like the sound of being sick though. Hope you are feeling better. 10/10 for artistic interpretation though.


Mack said...

I am thinking chocolate is actually GOOD for dogs. Last time I ate some I was happy all day!