Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Cat's Christmas

- by Carlsberg

This week I have been very helpful with the wrapping. I love to jump underneath all the paper. TJam loves it when I do that, especially when she is trying to get everything done before Christmas.
Beanz has not been helpful at all. She has been sleeping in front of the fire.
The humans had Christmas part 1. I helped Bamgee decorate the tree.

I put the tinsel in its place by boxing it playfully.

I found time to practise my indignant look.
GREEN tinsel?!?!
Whatever were they thinking?

I investigated the decorations and made sure they were up to scratch.

I got in the decorations box to make sure TJam hadn't missed anything and while I was there, I had a little bite on those long dangly decorations that TJam won't use any more because I try to eat them and she has to pull them out of my throat.

Then the humans had their Christmas dinner and I got some extra catnip drops for keeping out of the way.

Merry Cat's Christmas to you all!


Mack said...

We hope you have the bestest Christmas!!

Drab said...

Look how considerably more empty TJam's glass is to Bamgee's, this show's that either Bamgee did all the work and Tjam did nothing much only drink or you three have drove the poor woman to her wits end that she can't help herself when drink is around!!
(i think the latter!)