Friday, 5 December 2008


- by Beanz

The local kids built a snowman on the common.

TJam let me have a look at it. She did't let me eat the carrot for a nose.

Bamgee walked me. She is not so experienced in thinking ahead on my behalf to avert disaster.

I was very gentle.

I took the carrot and dropped it on the floor.

I ate the carrot.

I love snowmen.


Drab said...

Sam like to pee up them!!


Mack said...

We have yet to see a snowman....or snow for that matter...

Beanz said...

Nancy: They are great for peeing up, even for girls!

Mack: What?!?! No snow? you have got to get out more. Or out somewhere colder my friend. Snow is the dogs!

Anonymous said...

don't s'pose TJam got a picture of the snow. You realise he will talk funny now. DG