Sunday, 22 February 2009


Do I look like an impressive bear catching salmon? I model myself on david Attenborough's Natural World. Now I just need to work on my roar. And my tree climbing.
Did i trick you?

- by Beanz, the roving blogger


Marvin said...

oh yes dear one, you look like a very impressive bear catching salmon!

How good you like the water, I lurve going in the river and the sea too!

Did you catch a salmon? My J says she prefers it in a tin, (she has no class!),

lovely video, and yes, you have the right bear actions, just the roar needs working on!

love and many licks,

Marvin xxxxxx

Mack said...

Where's Beans? All I see is a big scary bear trying to get some dindins....

Beanz said...

Marvin: I'm working on it! I'm afraid I didn't catch anything other than a small stone, but I was very pleased with myself!

Mack: That's the spirit! *grins proudly*

Anonymous said...

silly me. I read that as a bear-catching salmon! DG