Friday, 12 March 2010

Hare Raising

About 2 seconds ago, an enormous hare came charging up the woodland path towards me and Chips. We couldn't believe our luck and ran right at it. Just as TJam put her hands to her head and shouted oh no, chips and I opened our mouths for the hare to run in - there was nowhere else for it to go - and it leapt up in the air, clean over our heads and along the path. By the time we had done a double take, scratched our heads in confusion and turned ourselves around, there was no way we were gonna catch it. We gave it a good go but we didn't really stand a chance. It was nearly as big as Chips I swear!
All TJam could do was stand and text on my behalf until I gave up the chase and returned to carry on our walk. Which is comparatively boring I must say. Wow. What am encounter. No time for fotos though ...

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Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh we love love love seeing the Hares. We get some of them here, they are beautiful but tempting to chase.

sorry our link to yours is a bit odd, so we kinda missed out just lately, when my Jeannie has stopped with the Friday night Wine she will sort it all out.

Our link to yours is wrong and wonky.

sorry xxxxxx