Monday, 24 May 2010

Couldn't Care Less

I title this piece of work "Couldn't Care Less About Nature". Just because TJam has a new camera, doesn't mean I have to appreciate it.

TJam says to say, if you click on the picture, it is an amazing piece of nature.



Marvin said...

oh yes, my Jeannie is totally and utterly bothered by this wonderful photo!!!!!!

What camera is it? The clarity is amazing.

(so she says!) Thank you for sharing, sorry we are behind in commenting, but yes, we love the photo and we are bothered by your T Jams skill and oh my, just all round wonderful photo cleverness....

Marv xxxxxxxxxx

Beanz said...

Marvin - it is TJam's new and special camera phone. it is a C905. It is amazing for a phone!
Of course, as long as it takes good photos of ME i'm happy!!