Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Weekend

I have mostly been laying around on this lovely weekend. Although I did spend Friday night in the porch. Curiosity got the better of me as the dogs came in from their last walk of the evening, I popped into the porch but TJam didn't see me. She thought it was quiet during the night but only came looking for me on Saturday morning. I made her feel suitably guilty and she still owes me one.

I made up for it by sunning myself all weekend.

The humans deserted me on Saturday night to go out for dinner with Unliz, Bready and Coach. They had a lovely curry.

TJam is buzzing now because out on her walk today, she saw none other than David Bellamy. He was doing a tour and talk about local woodland. The dogs went and only slightly disgraced her by eating something unmentionable and then half a cheesecake that someone had dropped. A minor blip really. Look, here is DAVID BELLAMY talking to the people.

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