Thursday, 22 July 2010

Two Blogs Collide

Last weekend, two blogs collided and we met Loki!
As Chips mentioned, I was a little bit scared of him at first. Chips was not.
We met each other in the woods.

TJam was concerned she was never going to get a decent photo of this livewire. It wasn't as though he was going to sleep any time soon...

Being the consummate professional that she is though (and thanks to her brilliant camera phone) she did manage to snap this one, which pretty much sums up the pup.

As you saw before, we all went walking in Darmoor. Lucky we chose a dry path...

In the evening, the humans had strawberries from the strawberry patch. Chips helped herself to a couple too...

One lunch time, Moptop made the humans a fabulous lunch on very posh plates. Or should I call them "platters".

Sorry to say, none of it fell on the floor.

We had a great weekend and slept all the way home. We could hardly drag ourselves out for a last stroll.

PS Ogg and Magrat, handsome cats, I am sorry I accidentally chased you. I hope you have recovered. Loki led me astray you see...

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