Wednesday, 26 January 2011


TJam has been very remiss at allowing us computer access. It started last year with lots of this.

We took Huddersfield Town on a walk with us. Will he ever find his way again?

We did love the snow, but Chips got cracked paws after a while and actually abandoned a walk at the end of the drive and had to come home. I think she stepped on rock salt or something. She was hopping about like one of those lizards. But also crying. And if there's one thing Chips is not, it's a wimp.

We also made a new friend, puppy Millie. I just watched in wonder as she bounced around. Getting a photo might have to wait until she is a bit old and has slowed down a little!

At the last minute, weather permitted us to visit Brazil and Boy Wonder and all the family for Christmas.

TJam ate a pickled walnut. She said it tasted nice but she didn't offer us any.

We visited all the family and made everyone pose for a photo. Probably not the best idea to photograph Xaja when he'd just been told off. But then it's not Christmas until somebody's cried.

For Christmas, TJam's cousin, Potter, made TJam a plate. You can arrange your food around the face to make hair or a beard. Or cover the face and then reveal it as you eat. Of course, us dogs don't have time for stuff like that but humans can be funny
All over Christmas, Chips slept on TJam's rucksack, just in case TJam tried to go on holiday anywhere and not take us with her.

When we got back home, the canal was still frozen. This picture is actually cracks in the icy canal, with the canal bank at the bottom. Weird huh?

Over New Year, TJam had planned for us to do backups and other boring computer stuff, transfer photos over and blog to our hearts' content. However, a virus put paid to that. Nurse Carlsberg looked after TJam upstairs and made sure she rested.

She is fine now, but has taken a while to catch up with herself. In the meantime, I have been sleeping off my Christmas hangover. I would like to wish all our blogging friends and other friends and family a belated Happy New Year. We hope 2011 is good to you :)


ForPetsSake said...

What a busy time! I hope everyone has recovered sufficiently - very glad to see you back ;)

meep said...

We are glad you are back. Only this morning I was worrying about you :o)

Mack said...

So glad you are doing well. I hope the owie paws heal fast!

b1b2 said...

Hooray......glad to see that you're back 'blogging'....we've missed you x

Drab said...

So glad your back, your the only household that makes ours look......less mad!