Sunday, 3 July 2011

Stranded on the Motorway

TJam was on her way somewhere and there was a terrible crash on the motorway. TJam didn't see it but was stopped up only about 200m behind it. As the fire engine arrived up the hard shoulder she tried to take a photo of the truck in the mirror. It was so fast, it was past the window before the shutter went. Don't worry, the engine was off and noone was going anywhere.

Everyone was getting out of their cars while they were waiting. The air ambulance came. We do hope that everyone involved was ok. Everyone was very worried for them.
In the end, the police directed everyone back up the motorway. They were very efficient.

Lucky us dogs were at home cos it was a boiling hot day. For once we were better off in our cool house, even if we would have liked to go the barbecue... mmmm chicken.

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