Friday, 9 May 2014

Not Keen

I'm not overly keen on the head gear but I am feeling a bit brighter today after the vet wrestled a tooth from my mouth in an, "I haven't done an  extraction like THAT in a very long time..." operation yesterday.

I am not sure which end to focus more on at the moment since my rear end has been given a number 0 all over to frame my stitches.s

I am in good spirits though, especially as I have to have soft food and everyone is being extra nice to me.


Drab said...

Oh Beanz we hope you feel better soon, growing old isn't fun is it. sending love and licks from this end.

Julie, Nancy, Missy, Patches and Mog, (guinea pigs, hamsters and Nemo the fish too)

Beanz said...

Thank you so much! I am feeling a lot better now and go for my checkup tomorrow.
Love to you all (I would try not to chase the cats)