Friday, 30 May 2014


This was the most enthusiastic look I could manage after my day having bloods taken, liver scanned and a drip in to keep me hydrated. The good news is I am home and my liver looks ok. I might have a poorly pancreas but the humans think I am treatable and will be back raiding bins in no time.

The worst part is that I have been right off my food. In fact that is what alerted TJam to my plight.
Since my procedure I have got a couple of tins of delicious dog food out of it so every cloud and all that. I go back to be checked in the morning. Paws crossed TJam will be despairing at my misdemeanors again very soon.


Anonymous said...

Sending you a big pat Chips from Lebanon!

Chips said...

Thank you to the Lebanon contingent! I appreciate it x