Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Good Trains

In other news, TJam managed to be standing on the platform of a station 15 minutes before her train was due to leave, yet not see the train standing there, or anyone getting onto it, and only realised 10 minutes after it had pulled out of the station (if it was ever really there, which she doubts, but the Guard says it was so it's his word against TJam's!).

We must commend Virgin for their flexible handling of the situation. They let TJam get on the next train, even though she had paid for a reserved seat. That's not the kind of service she was expecting. So instead of, "you missed it. You'll have to buy another ticket", it was, "You can get the next train instead". Wow. It's a long time since she wrote (or even thought) anything nice about train travel. Maybe things have taken a turn for the better. Anyway, credit to Virgin.

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