Friday, 20 July 2007

Back to normal

I have just waved Mum off at the station. She has been staying for a week, and looked after the dogs while I went to away for the weekend. She has washed everything. It's ok though, I have dirtied a few plates and scattered a few crumbs and it is starting to look just like home again :)


Anonymous said...

I had to start all over again when I got home, having been away for over a week. Mind you, it was lovely being able to hang it out under your veranda, even when it was absulutely tissing down, and have it dry by the following day. whoever would have thought that I would turn houseproud although, with the weather we had, there wasn't much else to be doing. Still I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you for a lovely time. Mum.XX

Anonymous said...

can your mum be hired out and does she come with your new vacuum cleaner or does she bring her own?