Friday, 13 July 2007


Double-busting (dubble-bust-ing) vb Action carried out by two boobs when they are squeezed into a bra cup that is too small, so it looks like you have four boobs instead of only two.

This is not yet in the Collins Dictionary.

Thank you to Gill in the lingerie department of M&S, who has shown me the light. All this without humiliating me. For all my bravado, it is a little intimidating to stand in a changing cubicle with a stranger with a tape measure. She treated me well, and I have learnt, after 20 years in the wildernerss, that it is possible to have a bra that is comfortable. I step forward into a new level of being.

If one other person reads this and resolves to "be fitted" this post will have been worth it. And of course, if we have another feminist revolution, I will have something to burn.

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Lynn and Stewart said...

This made us laugh a lot but Amber thinks its rude!