Monday, 16 July 2007

Touching Toads (but not licking them)

TJam has been watching a lot of "Panic Room" a tv programme where people overcome their phobias. She has got a bit of a thing about frogs and toads, ever since someone put a frog in a jar behind her in Mrs Honour's Top Infants class. When she looked up, there was a froggy face, doing bulgy froggy things. It made her scream and jump which everyone found hilarious.

Today, there was a toad in the field. TJam made herself touch its back. She told her hand to go forwards and it went backwards of its own accord, so she had to push it forwards with her other hand. I made it my business to run through the therapy session and prance around so the toad could move and make it all the more scary.

Actually toads are quite soft and warm. TJam thanked the toad for helping her, and went on her way, singing and shouting, "I've touched a frog!" as she went. Because she thought at the time it was a frog, and she has only just realised that it ran and didn't jump. And it was a bit bumpy, so it must have been a toad.

In other news, Beanz has got a bad leg and is not allowed to walk. I am enjoying quality time with TJam and am behaving like an angel. Beanz is such a bad influence.

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