Sunday, 26 August 2007

Gratuitous Photography

It's not that I haven't got anything else to do, just that I get distracted. I like to think of it as following every lead. Anyway, I was searching a subscription to Dogs Today magazine and I had a look at their referal stats (in an un-geek-like way) and saw an interesting blog name, which took me into to the hitherto unexplored blogoshpere. And the blog with the interesting name turned out to be pretty inspirational in many ways, and the reason everyone now has spy names and not their real names on this blog, but today's way in which it inspired me is photography. That is, people taking photos because they are interesting or beautiful, and not just to tell a story.

So, today's theme is photography. I clutched my Canon Powershot A520 and off we went for our morning walk. Here are the results. If you are a photography expert and these are rubbish, be so kind as to not tell me please. Thank you.

Chips in fern

I even managed a half decent pic of Beanz.
If you count looking like the Joker out of Batman as half decent.


Badger said...

Cool pics! I like them alot, very arty infact. badger x

TJam said...

Thank you :)

Badger said...

I am intrigued that my blog was 'inspirational", thanks.
What will come clear at the end of 2007. I hope my head wont fall off, nor yours come to think of it.
Badger x