Wednesday, 1 August 2007


- by Chips Today I went for a walk with Bailey and Scamp and their guardians, Pin and Huddersfield Town. Then we went and celebrated the new decking. TJam admired the decking and us dogs sat on it. I did not bite Bailey or Scamp so TJam is very pleased with me. You can call that my contribution to the celebrations. No one else knows what an achievement this is. I came close a couple of times but I held back. You can see Bailey's bum in this photo. Beanz is not in it because she was on the lawn, too scared to come on the decking because Scamp was sitting on the stairs. She is such a wimp. The humans are calling this evening an inorgration of the decking. or something like that. They drank sparkling wine that they pretended was Champagne. The cork flew right over the top of the house. We hope it didn't hit a car. They lit some candles and talked fast and loud and laughed a lot. Then it rained so we had to come in and then we had to walk home.


Anonymous said...

Well done Chippy Minton. Bring on the Gold!
Now, although I admire the look of the decking, I'm with Beans on this one. It isn't as soft and nestly as (not too short) grass with always the possibility of meeting a squiggly bug to entertain you for a while. So I don't think she was being a whimp, just discerning though, as a cat, the look of all that lovely wood would do wonders for my claws. Dizzy.

prolix said...

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