Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Assessment and another Word to the Wise

- by Chips

Tonight we went to the vet for our assessments to be PAT dogs. Beanz was a model citizen of course but I was a bit nervous. In my defence, I was mainly nervous because they did it AT THE VET. That would be the place where I get an injection every time I visit and a thermometer stuck up my bum at the very least. For all I knew they were going to put me to sleep and whip something out. Or worse, put me on a diet.

Anyway, I put up with most things but I wasn't what you would call enthusiastic. Still, the important thing is we have tried. If it's not for me, it's not for me. Next we have to send off out passport photos. Ha ha. I wonder if TJam will take us into a photobooth.

My word to the wise is this: If you make pancakes, don't use flour that has been in a plastic container for over 12 months. Apart from the veavels (extra protein), the plastic gives the pancakes a horrible taste and spoils the whole flipping and tasting experience. No amount of cheese and jam, sugar and lemon or ice cream and chocolate sauce can hide it. TJam had to give up on her 3rd one once she had exhaused all the options. She will go shopping and try again tomorrow. If you have a dog, I recommend you let them have a taste. Not like here. We weren't even allowed in the kitchen.

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