Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Don't Say I Never Give You Anything

- by Chips (no photos)

The unconditional love of a dog does not have monetary value and I have nothing else to give.

Or so I thought until the other night.

The following morning TJam had a veritable feast of stuff awaiting her. I managed to raid the bin all over the kitchen floor (2 rotting peaches) and leave 3 substantial samples of urine, faeces and vomit in 3 different locations. Got the phone wires in the trajectory, and the desk leg.

Surely TJam could not ask for anything more.

I know she appreciated it from all the squealing and dancing about, collecting souvenirs.


Drab said...

They get so complacent that its nice to give them a little something different, mine was vomit infront of the washing machine, so it ran underneath, very imaginative i thought, but was it appreciated - NO!
you went to all that trouble, you must have been up all night.


Anonymous said...

I wonder she didn't take a souvenir photo to frame. That would have been something. I expect she was too overwhelmed. The only problem is...how can you top that. D.G.