Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sesame Street

- by TJam

This post is brought to you by the letters W H A T T H E B L O O M I N G H E C K I S G O I N G O and N, and by the number 7.

7 possible titles for this post from TJam's point of view:
1. Bad things happen in 3s
2. Too ashamed to tell you what I did
3. Chocolate
4. I don't know how I'm going to make the last couple of days sound funny
5. Beanz and the Lamb Shank
6. Sorry I was late (I was cleaning up dog sick)
7. You know you're going to be mentioned on this blog when TJam asks you what you want your spy name to be

7 possible titles for this post from Chips's point of view:
1. Mmmm chocolate
2. Mmmm activated charcoal
3. Why did you leave out so little?
4. All's well that ends well
5. Grrr I can't believe Beanz got to the lamb shank first
6. Sorry about the sick in the cupboard under the stairs
7. I'm fine. Will you stop looking at me?

7 possible titles for this post from Beanz's point of view:
1. I must remember to jump up on the kitchen counter in the middle of the night
2. My Lamb Shank
3. My sprint across the field
4. Foiled by the 2 human pincer move expertly executed by TJam and B1B2 (that's her spy name)
5. How to remember where things are and go back to look for them
6. Please don't buy a remote spray collar
7. Well, if you ever think that you have got things under control, of course a dog will have to put you in your place

Possible photos to illustrate this post:

Remember this?
Ah yes, activated charcoal.
Hello old friend.

When I downloaded my photos, I found this one of the sky 2 weeks ago. See
how blue it was that one day.

Lucky we had a meat eating frient with us to identify the booty.

See, we can leave it if we have to. Wait... why are you putting that in the bin?


PS Good luck B2


Mack said...

Did you do a naughty?

Beanz said...

Yup we are in the doghouse BIG TIME.

b1b2 said...

One or two amendments needed....I think that the 'prey' was Ham shank not Lamb shank!
Why was there no mention of the algae infested water that Beanz &
B2 wallowed in!
B2 is hoping that now that he, like Detective Inspector Beanz is a Gold winner that he too will be able to mirror her awesome ability to spot/sniff out 'goodies'....and perhaps beat her too it!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a VERY good weekend was had by all, well, nearly all, poor Tjam. To B2 I would say "good luck", you'll need it and unless you're a greyhound crossed with a chance. Keep up the good work you guys but beware,I heard that Tjam's Mum will soon be on your case so behave or we'll be reading about you afterwards, like last time! A. Fan

Carlsberg said...

B1B2: Yup, TJam got all her facts wrong and some she just plain missed out. Her brain has not been the same since she chased across the field after Beanz.

Anonymous: Are you coming to stay again? Oh goody!

Carlsberg said...

PS B2, well done for your gold. Can we blog your picture? If you promise not to chase me of course!

b1b2 said...

Happy to be 'blogged'........can't promise not to chase you though! - the only problem with revealing my identity is that anonymous will realise that i will have no chance of beating Beanz to the goodies!