Monday, 20 October 2008


- by Beanz
TJam got these vegan sausages.
When she looked at their name properly she seemed a bit nervous.
I don't know why, and I would be happy to help her out.
(Our American friends may like to read the following extract from Wikipaedia:
"A knacker is a person in the trade of rendering animals that are unfit for human consumption, such as horses that can no longer work. This leads to the slang expression "knackered" meaning very tired, or "ready for the knacker’s yard", where old horses are slaughtered and made into dog food and glue.
"Knackers" is also British/Australasian slang for testicles")
Which begs the question:
Who named these sausages and are they really suitable for vegans?
PS TJam's mum, I hope you did not read this blog entry.


Mack said...

What also worries me is the diabolique part!

Knackered Devils??????

Drab said...

Diabolical Knackers????

Salad seems a good option!


b1b2 said...

OH SO GLAD we are carnavores!!!!!

Chips said...

All of you: yes I KNOW!!! Thank goodness I eat meat (and select salad items).

The sausages are still in the fridge. I'll let you know what happens...

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say......I meant carn I vore! mum is hopeless!