Wednesday, 19 August 2009


TJam has just come home and found a couple of feathers. And the first thing she said was, "Oh no Carlsberg!" What kind of stereotyping is that? Why does she think that I would know how those feathers got there?



Mack said...

Could it be that you were licking your lips when she saw you??

Drab said...

If it got through the cat proofing that you can't get out of, then all is fair in love and war!


Carlsberg said...

what? a cat is not entitled to innocently lick its lips without incriminating itself?!

if this hypothetical bird got in to the garden then yes, it is fair play to us both. in theory of course.

Anonymous said...

I bet you were trying to kiss it better weren't you! Wasn't your fault if you sucked a bit too hard. DG