Saturday, 15 August 2009

Quack Quack

Today we are back to normal walking. Typical british summer. We insist on enjoying ourselves whatever the weather. And anyway, Nerospal has brought her umbrella.


Drab said...

Never mind the umbrella girls, a good roll in a nice dollop of fox poo will stop the rain, it helps water proof your coat, i know cos it takes mum ages to scrub it off me!!


Not as much scrubbing as your going to get when she tries to get that cream emulsion of your back you dopy badger dog.


Chips said...

Hi Nancy and Sam
Mail us with all your news!

I am covered in fox poo. TJam lost heart and said she would let it dry then brush it off. She couldn't face the whole bath thing.

So, you are covered in emulsion. i think a photo is in order. please send! i can put on blog!